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Testimony Tuesday: Lana’s Gratitude

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The testimony below comes from our dear friend Lana. She is one of our students in our online Mashah training, and we are thrilled to see the Lord move in her life. Read more below:

Hello Ruth, I had to stop at 41% complete and send a note of appreciation for Mashah. I am having a blast! Yes... I know, that is probably not a normal response to such weighty material. But, I’m so thankful to have found teaching that makes my spirit leap. It is teaching that aligns to not only my individual ministry but solidifies truth in my heart (and in scripture) for seeing people healed. Having had to use a state approved/secular model for years through my employer to help victims of domestic violence, this teaching is REFRESHING TRUTH that we overcome with Christ NOT we overcome in spite of circumstances as Christians. It’s so powerful! I proclaim, Mass Deliverances, in the name of Christ Jesus! Thank you for this teaching! In His Goodness, Lana K. Hidalgo
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