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Testimony Tuesday: Christine’s Path To Freedom

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

The power of the Lord breaks every chain, regardless of what the world says. Below is Christine’s testimony of how the Lord healed her from the mental and emotional torture caused by sexual abuse.

“I can say with certainty that I would not be alive today, if it wasn't for hearing from the Lord through the Mashah ministry, and my ministry team. I was sexually abused as a 3-year-old. My family, like many families, did not speak about things, and we were expected to pull ourselves up, not speak about such things and not show emotions. The Lord was certainly with me and helped me to tuck it away except for fleeting memories until I was 60 years old. However, like any festering sore, it came out and was confirmed by my siblings who were also abused by this grandfather-type person. My mind did not handle it well and I was relentlessly tormented by thoughts of hurting myself, to drive into trees, throw myself down stairs, put my hand through glass windows, impale myself with objects. It was horribly exhausting. Through Mashah, I was able to hear from the Lord and separate the truths from the lies and forgive. One lie I continued to deal with was “it was my fault,” I had disobeyed my mom and had gone outside. People kept assuring me that it wasn't my fault but I couldn't hear this in my spirit. At the end of one session when asking God if He had any words of encouragement for me, I heard Him say that I was virtuous. My homework was to look up the complete definition. I did and to me it was like I was a good Girl Scout. Virtuous: morally excellent, good, pure, excellent, chaste. I thought that's nice. Then the next day I heard the Lord say to me look up chaste. I did and what it said was…Chaste: Pure, moral, Not guilty of sexual sin…virtuous. This was the Rama word of God that broke the chains on me and I was free. This ministry is life changing, it saved my life. For me, emotional/spiritual torment is harder than having cancer, which I too had…and yes, the thoughts we have during physical illness is also the battle of the mind and what we believe or what is the truth from Jesus. Best ministry hands down.”
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