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Testimony Tuesday: A Word in Season

Updated: Apr 27

This testimony is from Grace. She opened up the weekly e-mail to find a “word in season”. So thankful for how God works. He knows where we are at and what we need to encourage us.

Dear Ruth

Our local church has been going through massive upheaval involving deception and spiritual warfare of several kinds. The Spirit led me to open Ruth’s email this week, and there was her teaching on Handling Deception in the Church. As usual, Ruth had done her homework. She had searched the Bible for relevant passages and encouraged us not to get discouraged but to hang in there, use our voices, trust God’s good purposes in exposing deception, and take this opportunity to lead others closer to Jesus during the turmoil. What a word in season! Scott and I were so grateful for Ruth’s steady voice of faith, courage, and leadership to overcome evil with good. Thank you, Ruth! Thank you, Lord God Almighty!

To view this teaching click on the link:

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