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Testimony Tuesday: Debbie Found Strength to Lead

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Our friend Debbie has a bit of different testimony. She is a leader and leaders need love too. Read on to discover how Mashah surrounded Debbie to keep her engaged in all the Lord has for her.

If you are at the helm of the ship as a leader, whether it is of a ministry, company, project or even a family, the journey can be scary and isolating, no matter how strong your faith is. Leaders have to keep everyone motivated and focused when distractions are enticing and all hope seems lost. They have to be wise and judicious with what they share. They have to wait and trust God when everyone is anxious to move ahead. And leaders don’t often have a safe place to take their own fears, doubts, insecurities, loneliness and frustrations. Mashah is a ministry that creates a safe environment that nurtures people along the journey. It teaches people how to take up arms in the spiritual warfare that ensues and how to forgive the hurts that are weighing us down. By entering into a place of unconditional love and expertly guided communion with God, you will find that you will learn how to trust, wait, learn and lead, and that you can hang on one more minute all the way to the promised land, or the break through, or the deep healing. When God called me out to grab the tail of the human trafficking dragon, I had no idea how desperately I would need such a ministry as Mashah. The countless hours of frustrations vented, tears of hurt and laughter cried, love received and intense prayers prayed from, and with, my amazing team have kept me going in the darkest and most hopeless of times, kept the ministry God called me to on track, and radically changed my life in ways too numerous to count. Ruth has been blessed with a remarkable gift of creating prayer ministries that equip and enable people to do the impossible and heal the deepest of emotional and physical wounds. I predict that many across generations will cross the finish line to victory because of the Mashah teams all over the world that held our arms up when we no longer could.
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