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Testimony Corner: Millie Says There Is Hope

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Many years ago I had a traumatic experience with a certain type of inner healing. Afterward, I made an unhealthy promise to never go near anything like it again.

Since that moment, I started seeing more traditional therapists, with healthy results. Then, I had a supernatural experience, which led me to share the freedom I found in Jesus all over the world. And, my two biggest passions became Jesus and mental health studies. Still, I was afraid “inner healing.” I thought I would never find a model I could agree with.

Today, I decided to face my fear. In faith, I gave the (Ruth Hendrickson Ministries) inner healing model a chance. It was an incredible experience!

If you need inner healing or know someone who does, this is well worth the investment! The team is professional, confidential, and safe. I stand by their model of ministry and believe everyone will have a good experience with it.

Get healing from the pain you carry. Or, a little maintenance healing is important self-care too. It's for everyone, and doesn’t mean you're broken or inadequate. Normalize these kinds of investments into your spiritual, mental, and emotional health! It’s a good, healthy thing, and a blessing!

- Millie

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