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When the Wind Blows

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

The wind is a funny thing. We do not know where it comes from nor where it goes. We cannot see it, but we can see and feel its effects. Wind can be gentle and refreshing, cold or hot, strong, and dangerous, and everything in between. When the wind blows, we must decide our stance. Will we stand and face it, turn against it, or get out of it altogether? It depends on the behavior of the wind. We know that we cannot control it as it will blow where and when it pleases.

There is also a spiritual wind of which we should be aware. With spiritual winds, we need to understand that some we step into, some we speak peace into, and others we take shelter. In the spiritual realm, we must be able to discern from where the wind is coming.

Ephesians 4:14 talks about the damaging winds of false doctrine and deceit. They will erode our foundation, distance us from God, steal our destiny, and hold us in bondage. Winds that are not from Heaven are deceptive and damaging. We need spiritual eyes to see what is coming and respond accordingly.

In Mark 4, we have Jesus telling the winds to calm down. He exercised his authority to bring peace to the storm. Some winds try to swamp us so we must speak peace. Failure to discern that moment can damage ourselves and those around us.

In Acts 2, we have the well-known account of Pentecost. As the disciples gathered, a strong wind came from Heaven and invaded the room where they were praying. This wind ushered in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Heaven-sent winds are always worth leaning into as they change our lives.

When we hear the wind blowing, we must be like the sons of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32), who understood the times and seasons. The only way we mature in this level of discernment is to be in the Word, spend time with God, and grow in a relationship with Him; as we lean into Him, our ability to discern increases. As our ability to discern increases, we will know how to address the winds that blow in, around, and through our lives.

Heavenly Father, open my senses to feel the wind around me and increase my discernment to know what to do when the wind blows. Help me see, feel, hear, and respond to the wind blowing around me. Give me the words when and authority when I need to speak peace to the wind. Give me the wisdom and courage to lean into the Heaven-sent winds and to partner with what you are doing. Give me a desire for your Word that I am firmly grounded and will not be tossed about by the winds of false doctrine and compromise. Heavenly Father, blow your wind over me. I invite you to invade my space.

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