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Higher Vision

How is your spiritual vision? Are you near-sighted or far-sighted, or do you have a clear, 20/20 vision of your relationship with God?

Many people go to have their eyes examined periodically. We understand that vision can change, so we may need glasses (contacts) to help us see clearly.

This principle is also true in the spiritual realm. However, we often forget to take time for those Dr. God appointments to ensure our vision is correct.

While in Kenya, I was honored to teach a class on "Maintaining a Victorious Life," I was reminded that knowing and obeying the Word of God is the only way we can live in victory.

However, another component is also essential to walking in the victory that God has for us. We must be able to see from a Heavenly perspective. As this topic unfolded for the class, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to take the class on a mini field trip and share a pair of binoculars with them. As we looked over the valley, I learned that only three had ever used binoculars, so we took time to explain how to use them by making various adjustments.

Amidst all the oohs and ahhs, I saw how God was using this time to convey several powerful lessons:

God desires that we see clearly. One of the ladies had trouble getting the binoculars adjusted. However, when she got the settings right, she exclaimed, "I can see!"

The heart of the Father is for us to see in the natural and spiritual realms with a clarity that only comes through Him.

Another mentioned the clarity, detail, and beauty that they observed.

We often see creative solutions to our earthly problems from a Kingdom perspective. This power of spiritual vision allows us to see beyond the surface and find divine solutions to our challenges.

One of the men talked about things far away being brought near.

We unpacked how, when we can look beyond the natural sphere, we can recognize a spiritual attack before it is at our door. We can foil the enemy's plans with this advanced sight by taking an offensive stance in our spiritual warfare.

For example, there is power in prayer! What would happen if we began to pray the promises of God over our situation? By partnering with and standing on God's Word (truth), is it possible that the enemy's plans be defeated before they come to pass?

When we are called into new levels or new spears of ministry, we must ensure that our vision is correct and aligned with God's perspective.

Several other natural observations ushered in spiritual lessons. God is so faithful to use the various tools to show us His principles. However, we must be intentional about looking. Remember, each person had to adjust the binoculars, each person had to look through them intentionally, and each person had to listen. God is faithful in speaking to each of us where we are and expanding our vision. The question is, are we willing to put in the effort?

We all have battles that we are facing. What is the battle you are facing today? Take a moment and write down what you know about that battle in the natural. Then sit with the Lord and ask him to show you how He sees this battle. Ask Him for His perspective. Add to your journal what you see, sense, or hear from the Lord. Then, ask Him how you should fight this battle. It may be through prayer or action steps. Remember, He is the Commander in Chief and knows everything. He has even gone ahead and prepared the way! Finally, take action per His directions and expect victory. You are created to move from glory to glory and from victory to victory. I bless you in your journey, hand in hand with Jesus, marching to victory.

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