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When God Does the Abnormal

Have you ever had one of those encounters that leave you shaking your head?

A few weeks ago, I was going through security at an airport. You have to understand that the

employees at this airport are not known for their cheerful disposition. They are known for quite the opposite.

I have what is known as TSA Pre-check, which helps me get through the lines faster. However, I also had a knee replacement, so I cannot usually walk through the standard metal detector but must go through the body scanner.

Going through the usual song and dance with TSA, I tell them I have a metal knee, and they

wave me to the body scanner, which they have to wake up. I step into the machine; it does its thing but does not recognize that someone is in the unit. I step out, and they recalibrate it. As instructed, I step back in, it runs through the motions, and again, it does not recognize anyone in the machine. The TSA agent begins to laugh. I groan inside, thinking of the full-body pat- down I am probably headed for. However, the TSA agent begins to laugh and says, "You are invisible." Again the machine is reset with the same outcome.

At this point, I offer to try the standard metal detector. I had tried that area before and never

made it through that machine without the bells and whistles going off as it found the metal

knee joint. But she says, "Let's give it a try." So, through it I go, and all is quiet! I am shocked, and she laughs and says, "I told you that you are invisible."

I grabbed my carry-on and walked away, still shaking my head at making it through security and at the unusual response by TSA. It was all bizarre.

But then, the Lord began to speak Isaiah 49:2 states: "And He has made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand has He hid me and made me a polished arrow; in His quiver has He kept me close and concealed me." (AMPC)

I didn't tell you I was heading on a mission trip. I knew there was a lot of spiritual warfare

swirling around this trip, but I had no idea the extent. Holy Spirit began to reveal that there

were demonic plans set in motion to take me off course, but the Lord was making me invisible to those schemes. The journey through TSA was a spiritual message from the Throne Room of Heaven. I could walk confidently, knowing that no weapon formed against me could prosper (see Isa. 54:17) because I had been made invisible in the spiritual realm.

As I write this, I cannot tell you what plans were defeated before they even came to pass

because of the movement of the hand of God. However, I know that He is my defender, my

strong tower, my place of refuge, and the one who hides me in the cleft of the rock.

When you encounter something very weird or abnormal, such as my TSA experience, take a

moment and ask God about it. God may be conveying a spiritual truth needed for your


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