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What Would Change in My Life If My Thoughts Aligned with God's?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I was reflecting the other day how my life would change if my thoughts genuinely aligned with God's thoughts. That seems like a very tall order. However, I believe that should be our goal. After all, God is the perfect Father, and we are created in His image (Genesis 1:27). Going a step further, since we are sons and daughters, we also carry His DNA. The only way we can look more like our Father is to be transformed into His likeness.

Taking time to exam this aspect of our lives is not to bring on shame or hopelessness. Instead, it is an invitation to go higher. Anytime God points out something in our lives, it is always an invitation for healing and growth. That is the heartbeat of the Father.

If you have children, you know while raising them, you were not the perfect parent. And think about your parents. They were not perfect either. In our wounding, we pass down traits to future generations that do not represent the Father's Heartbeat. The Father desires that we see and experience the depths of His love.

Romans 12:2 Reminds us not to conform or bend to the patterns of this world. However, we are to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. That verse tells us that it is possible to have our minds renewed to align with God's. It is from this place of a renewed mind, that we can learn, test, and understand what God's will is. Why? Because we have the same mindset as the Father!

Dream a bit with me. What changes as my mind comes into alignment with God's?

1. My capacity to model Godly love increases

2.Patience is not fleeting but becomes a lifestyle

3. Joy and celebration enter my life

4. Peace is part of my core state of being and the atmosphere that I live in

5. I model the kindness that Jesus showed to so many

6. I am strong, and yet I am gentle

7. I come to know who God created me to be

And more

When God looks at you, He sees a fantastic person that is filled with His dreams. For many, these dreams need to be unlocked. One of the keys to unlocking them is to cultivate the mind of Christ. And yes, it is possible.

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