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What Difference Can I Make in the World?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

When I throw a rock into a pond, the ripples go out from that stone. In other words, it does not just affect the point of impact but sends vibrations all through the pond.

Often, we don’t realize the impact that we have. We see ourselves as a little pebble that doesn’t have much force or effect. We don’t realize that in the hands of God, everything changes. David modeled this well, as did the rock when he was up against Goliath. One skinny boy armed with a slingshot and a stone could be a giant killer. Why? Because David had honed his heart and mind to align with God. With that alignment, the power of the Holy Spirit gave that rock a mighty push, and everything changed.

Why is this so important? Because David was just a “kid,” he was not part of the army. The Israelite army had allowed fear into the camp. David carried in faith that chased out the fear. We could say that David’s stance had ripple effects all through both the Israelite army and the Philistine army.

What would change in my world if my thoughts aligned with God’s? It’s one thing to dream about our lives, but what happens when we take it up a notch and dream for our nation or even our world? There is a great verse in Psalms that reads: “Oh King of kings, they will all bow before you. O King of kings, every nation will one day serve you.”. All that image to settle into your mind. What would happen if the leader of your nation served the one true God?

If we were to align with God’s heart and mind for our nations, we would not be cursing those in authority and leadership positions; we would be praying for them. And that would change the world.

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