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The Language of Heaven

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Some people are great at learning new languages. However, I get tongue-tied and provide a comedy routine rather than an accent as I try to speak in another language.

However, there is a language that every believer is created to speak and understand, the language of Heaven. For the believer, this is not their second language but their primary one. It is not a backup but the primary line of thinking. Everything changes when we understand we are created to partake in the language of Heaven.

The language of Heaven is all about victory. Defeat is not in the Heavenly dictionaries any more than impossible is. When we turn our ears to Heaven, we receive the words of strength, comfort, strategy, and more.

David learned this lesson well. In 1 Samuel 30, David encounters a challenging time. In fact, the enemy had come against him, and his men were also turning against him. It was a difficult situation from every angle. As David looked around, he knew there was only one place to find strength: in and from the Lord.

When we take our strength in and from the Lord, it becomes a barrier to fear, discouragement, disillusionment, and more.

Key: Taking our strength in and from the Lord becomes a springboard to breakthrough.

As David tuned in to the language of Heaven, he received instruction from the throne room of Heaven. As David obeyed, he stepped into victory for himself, his men, their families, and the community. That obedience aligned Him with the Heavenly reality of victory.

Key: When you listen to the language of Heaven, you refuse to allow your current situation to define your identity or future.

The most powerful people in the Kingdom of Heaven are those who have learned the language of Heaven and respond accordingly.

What language are you speaking?

What language are you listening in and to?

You are created to hear and to speak in the language of Heaven. Do not allow anyone or anything to tell you differently.

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