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Seeing Beyond the Natural Realm...

A few years ago, my husband and I faced a difficult situation. God used this situation to teach me a huge lesson. A company we were working with refused to honor their contract fully. Not only were they refusing to honor the original contract, but their actions impacted my daughter’s wedding plans. To say I was annoyed would be the world’s largest understatement. As I drove to the banqueting hall that day, I had an opportunity before me to listen to what the Holy Spirit was saying to me, or to remain in a place of frustration. So, what did I choose? I chose to put on my proverbial armor of God, and I got ready to go to war. You see, the Holy Spirit had reminded me that I had the ability to carry peace. But I also had to agree and choose to step into that peace and shift the atmosphere. I could choose to partner with what Heaven was doing in the situation, or I could choose havoc and chaos and disobedience to what the Lord wanted.

Most of us would agree that God moves mountains, but how often do we see the construction crew from Heaven moving that mountain? Are we missing something? Is it possible to see differently?

In 2 Kings 6, we meet Elisha's servant. I can see him getting up early and stretching as he walks out the door of the tent. Still waking up, he looks around and realizes that the enemy surrounds them. At this moment, not only is he wide awake, but fear roars in. With fear in his voice, he asks Elisha what to do. This young man traveled with the prophet but had not yet learned to see from a different perspective.

Elisha looks out the door and sees past the army of men and directly into the army of Heaven. Elisha had trained his brain to see things from another standpoint. He had learned to see what God was doing and to partner with the movement of Heaven. The first thing Elisha does is to tell the servant not to be afraid. Secondly, he shares with the servant a glimpse of what he was seeing. I love that Elisha did not stop there, but he asks God to open the servant's eyes.

Looking back again at the day that I was heading to the banqueting hall to finalize plans for my daughter’s wedding, I armed myself with a different perspective and a mandate from the Lord God Almighty. I did not enter the meeting carrying anger, but instead, I walked in carrying peace. I could see what God wanted to do in and through the situation and in turn I had a great conversation with the owner. Not only was the original contract honored, but I was able to witness to him. I saw past the natural and into what God wanted to do and choose to partner with God. That vision changed everything.

There is an invitation from the Throne Room of Heaven to open our eyes. We must learn to have our mind follow the Holy Spirit rather than having the Holy Spirit follow our mind. There is an invitation to see from God's perspective. Once His invitation is accepted, fear must flee because peace enters in, and we can partner with God at that very moment.

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