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Peer Pressure, Majority Rule, and the God Factor

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

I was in high school and sitting in one of my least favorite classes. Not only did I not enjoy the class, but I wasn't good at the subject. I knew that many of my friends cheated on tests; as long as you didn't get caught, many students considered cheating acceptable. Since I didn't want to fail, I cheated. However, the fact is that God knew and the Holy Spirit convicted. As much as I tried to tell myself that everyone did this, the voice of the Holy Spirit kept breaking into my thoughts. With fear and trembling, I went to the teacher and confessed. Once he recovered from his initial shock, I failed that test, and everyone sitting around me failed also. The acceptable norm among the students was to cheat to pass. However, God's standard was different.

How often do you chalk a teen's behavior up to peer pressure? We know that the pressure on our kids to act a certain way and adhere to a socially acceptable agenda and belief system is off the charts. Statistics tell us that 90 percent of teens report experiencing peer pressure.<1> Now, take a moment and think back to your teenage years. How much of an impact did peer pressure have on your life? Now, think about your adult years and ask the same question. In addition, look at what your beliefs are with majority rule or majority vote and the impact it has.

Do you believe that the focus or belief system of the majority is always right? Over the years, we have been conditioned to think that the majority will act in the people's best interest. Even when we may question a decision, the average person will not counteract the majority rule.

Ultimately, we realize that many do not outgrow the impact and behavior of the many but instead adapt. We risk developing a mindset that aligns with the majority opinion while leaving the Word and promises of God in the dust.

While that may sound like a harsh word, I do not mean it to be. We need a wake-up call if we desire to bring Heaven to Earth. The truth is that Jesus was not popular, and the majority does not drive the Word of God. As we study Scripture, we see that it often causes people to experience loss when the majority rules.

The voice of the majority can speak louder than the still small voice of our Lord and Savior.

The pressure of our peer group can squeeze us into decisions that are outside the will of God.

However, when we take ahold of our identity, remember who God is, and bring in the God factor, everything changes!

<1> Williams, Yolanda. Peer Pressure: Statistics, Examples & Signs. Accessed 7/1/21.

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