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Is Your Hurdle too Big?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Are you someone who can jump hurdles? For me, a hurdle is a legitimate tripping hazard! While I understand that there should be a way to get up and over, I never became adept at that feat. When I see a hurdle in the natural, I will look for a way around it.

However, at times we face hurdles in the natural that we cannot get around. We must tackle that hurdle, or it becomes a permanent roadblock to our promised land. Hurdles abound in a transitional season. Transitional seasons are times of movement but can be fraught with obstacles or hurdles that can hold us back or become a testimony to the goodness of God.

When the Israelites left the bondage and slavery of Egypt for the Promised Land, they quickly encountered the Red Sea. The people could not cross the Red Sea under their power. From a human perspective, there was no way around it; it was a permanent roadblock to the promises of God. As they looked at that Red Sea hurdle, fear entered and the draw to return to Egypt was strong. However, God had another plan, parted that sea, and made a way through that was beyond what they could have imagined.

Years later, as the Israelites were about to enter the Promised Land, they encountered another body of water. This time it was the Jordan River, which was a flood stage. Except for Joshua and Caleb, this group of people had not witnessed the parting of the Red Sea, yet we know they had heard stories about it. God designs the testimonies of past generations to serve as fuel to help us over and through the hurdles. However, it can be difficult to believe that God will do it again, let alone do it for me when facing the impossible.

The only way out of the desert or transitional season was to face the Jordan River. If the people did not cross that river, they would stop just short of the promise of God. How often do we stop short of the promise of God?

As the people encountered the Red Sea and the Jordan River, they had to decide to partner with God. To have victory over the hurdle, they had to trust and begin to step into that hurdle. As they took each step, God made a way through and did it in a humanly impossible way.

Our God is a God of breakthrough, which includes breaking through any insurmountable hurdle you face.

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