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How Does Fear Talk to You?

Do you ever get so busy talking to fear that you forget to speak to faith? I sure do!

As I was praying the other day, I saw the United States with a thick dark blanket that was descending. Just like the clouds rolling in before a storm, it was getting darker and darker. The problem was that rather than speaking peace to the impending storm, the Bride of Christ was trying to find shelter. Why? Because the fear was speaking louder than faith.

Who or what do I depend on for my safety and security?

To whom or what am I listening to and allowing to feed my soul?

It can be easy to depend on our finances, government, job, spouse, or numerous other things for our safety and security. We can even turn to our strength and history. When Goliath confronted the Israelite army (see 1 Samuel 17), Goliath depended on his past and power. It was with these very words that he taunted the Israelite army. As the Israelite army listened to the giant, they forgot that the giant was an ant compared to their God. The voice of fear became louder than the voice of God.

Today we have our news media, politicians, and others fabricating all sorts of stories. Of course, we have a virus in the mix, loss of jobs, finances, and isolation, all taking a toll. The result can be overwhelming and even crushing at times. We can feel like we are the yoyo just going back and forth on a string and never gaining any ground. In other words, we are at the mercy of the one who holds us in their hand.

Who is holding you in the palm of their hand?

Under challenging seasons, it can be a challenge not to switch camps. The problem is that when we change allegiance, yield to fear, we forget, “Who but God goes up to heaven and comes back down? Who holds the wind in his fists? Who wraps up the oceans in his cloak? Who has created the whole wide world? What is his name – and his son’s name? Tell me if you know!” (Proverbs 30:4 NLT).

Today there is an invitation to get a hearing aid adjustment. It is time to turn off the voice of fear that is speaking into your life. It is time to amplify the voice of Heaven, the voice of the loving Father speaking into your life. The modification of hearing does not mean that everything will switch at that moment. However, it does mean that you will be able to pick up your sword, or your slingshot and smooth stones, and kill that giant of fear that has been roaring in your year. The roar of the kingdom of Heaven will always silence the squeak of fear.

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