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God? Are You There?

Sometimes my circumstances can leave me feeling abandoned by God. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel like God is far away?

Adam and Eve had the perfect situation in the Garden of Eden. Because the atmosphere was excellent, we can assume that they had a fantastic relationship with the animals, each other, and most importantly, God. Not only that, but the weather and the food were first-class; nothing was lacking.

However, in a moment, everything changed. Adam and Eve entered a conversation where they decided to listen to the voice of deception rather than the commands of God. In that time and space, there was a shift as sin entered the equation of their lives.

With sin, there are consequences, and their perfect world comes crashing down. Because of the depth of the love of God, I am sure His heart was breaking as He watched them choose something other than His best.

Adam and Eve were to first to experience the consequences of that decision to align with Satan’s suggestion rather than God’s command. However, those consequences are still impacting our lives today. However, there is an important key. When they were forced out of the garden, God CHOSE to go with them. God didn’t turn his back and hide; instead, His presence went with them into the wilderness of consequences.

While Adam and Eve did not have the Psalms, we can turn to Psalm 137 and be reminded that there is no place to hide from God. That should bring great comfort that when we are suffering consequences for decisions that we have made, God is still right there because there is no place where we can hide from His presence. He has chosen to stay right with us, always showing us the way back into intimacy with Him.

Next time you feel abandoned by God, remember that when Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden, God chose to stay with them, and He will remain with you.

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