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Updated: Jul 13, 2023

None of us like a failure; however, failure is a fact of life. Sometimes we fail because we don't even try and, other times, we fail even though we worked very hard!

When I entered high school, I found myself with a teacher who expected me to be a math whiz. Her expectation was based on the fact that my sister was outstanding in math; therefore, I was also a math whiz. However, that equation didn't work out the way she expected, and I massively struggled with the class. Although I managed to barely pass the course, I never lived up to her expectations or standards.

Some of us have failed in relationships, in business, or financial decisions. Each time we fail, we have to make a choice. Will that failure define or refine us?

I have heard many teachings on Peter's water-walking experience. More often than not, we learn that he "failed." The thrust of the lesson tends to be that he took his eyes off Jesus and sunk, which is true. However, when we stop there, I think we miss another powerful aspect of the account.

We need to understand that Peter literally jumped out of his comfort zone to get to Jesus. At that moment, he made a decision that would impact the course of his life. He jumped out of the boat. At that moment, he experienced something that only Jesus had ever experienced, and he literally walked on water. Peter defied the laws of physics. At that moment, he entered into the realm of the impossible. Why? Because he risked failure.

I imagine when Peter later pondered that moment, he didn’t focus on the failure. I'm pretty sure he focused on the fact that he had walked on water with Jesus.

When we risk failure, to follow Jesus, we can be assured that He will catch us no matter what!

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