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Are you Soaring?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Do you feel like God has let you down? Life is full of twists, turns, and difficulties. Every day you are making choices that will either align you with the heartbeat of God or pull your further away. With God there is no middle ground.

Have you felt like you are playing tug-of-war with God? In those moments, no matter how stubborn we are, we are on the losing side. God does not laugh when we land in the pit, rather, He holds out His hand and offers to pull us out. However, in that moment we must decide if we want help getting out of the pit or if we are going to stay there and blame God.

The pit can be composed of so many things. It can be the deep grief of the loss of a loved one or facing a difficult medical diagnosis. Your pit may be the loss of a job or children who have become prodigals. Another pit may be the fact that you stood on the promises of God but found yourself with more questions than answers as you did not see the outcome you were hoping and praying for.

We are unable to live life to the fullest while in the depths of the pit. It is dark, cold, and isolating. Within, there is grumbling, and complaining and joy becomes absent. The pit holds us captive in hopelessness, grief, despair, and doubt.

If you are in the pit, God is ready and willing to pull you out and bind up your wounds. He longs to remind you that He came to bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives free (Psalm 147:3). He created you to soar (Isaiah 40:31)

Do not get stuck in the trench. Exercise wisdom quickly for there is an invitation from Him to draw you out rather than to continue your fight against Him; staying trapped in the process. He reminds us that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers (insert Scripture). In that process He also shows us a different viewpoint. He allows us to see from different perspectives. The world ceases to have a hold on us and the pit disappears when we learn to soar again. Our vision becomes filled with who He is, the promises come back into focus, and then consumed by His goodness. You may not understand all that happened. In the end, you will declare that He is good and faithful.

If you find yourself in that tug of war today, know that it is a wonderful day to switch sides and allow Him to have control. If you are in the pit, is a momentous day to grab on to His hand and get out of the pit. It is open season on aligning with the Kingdom of Heaven. Where will you position yourself? The choice is yours.

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