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A Challenge From God: You Can't Pick and Choose Your Blessings or Trials

Do you ever feel challenged by God? There are moments when God creatively gets my attention because He wants to challenge a behavioral or thought pattern.

The other day, I was going about my business, and the old Burger King jingle began going through my head. You know, “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce,” etc. It quickly became the never-ending song as it went round and round. When God pushes the play button, it is near impossible to push the stop button! Finally, I realized that the right response would be to ask Him what He wanted me to know.

I love God’s sense of humor, but things quickly got serious as we entered into conversation. God began to share that many of His people were self-styling their relationship with Him and picking and choosing which Scriptures they wanted to accept and which ones they didn’t. He is not a God that wants us to have it our way because He knows that our method leads to destruction. He is a God that wants us to have it His way because His way will always lead to life.

As only God can do, He also brought this to my very doorstep. He began to speak to me about areas where I have remained quiet rather than speaking up for His kingdom. That part of the conversation undoubtedly ushered in a time of repentance.

We cannot afford to have a relationship with God where we are asking Him to hold the pickles and hold the lettuce because we don’t like them. As I was talking to God, I realized that the banqueting table that He sets before us, in the presence of our enemies (see Psalm 23:5), is not only abundant but contains the fullness of everything that He has to offer. When we try to pick and choose, we move further away from Him and the destiny that He has for us.

All this pondering eventually resulted in a podcast. So, if you’d like the rest of the story listen to the corresponding episode of Real Truth with Ruth

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