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The Journey Has Just Begun

Strange as it may seem, after the 25th of December, the Lord highlighted the Christmas story in Luke 1 to me. So, I camped there for several days and allowed the Holy Spirit to show me powerful tidbits of wisdom. Sitting with the Lord, I felt these are critical concepts for successfully navigating 2024 and beyond.

Zechariah and Elizabeth (Luke 1:20-22, 25, 62):

Our guy, Zechariah, had a powerful encounter with an angel, which he questioned like many of us. We can quickly read over the fact that due to that unbelief that undergirded that question, Zechariah could not speak until after the baby was born. When we look at verse 62, it suggests

that he may have been unable to hear also. One could say that God encapsulated the word within. Zechariah while it took root, grew, and was able to be birthed in the natural.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  • God often gives us a prophetic word outside what is humanly understood or possible.

  • Words have power; God would not allow a word to be spoken that would undermine His plan.

  • Words have power; if Zachariah could not hear, God would not allow other voices to impact the marinating of the angel's word within Zachariah.


  • What word has God placed within you that needs to be sheltered and guarded so it can grow and take root in your belief system?

Mary (Luke 1:39, 56):

Mary had her angelic meeting, and a few days later, she hurried off to see Elizabeth. Mary didn't hang around town and obtain public opinion about the angel's visit. She HURRIED to a place where another heavenly word was under construction. We know that Elizabeth was about six

months pregnant when Mary visited her and that Mary stayed approximately three months. It is possible Mary was there when John was born; we don't know. However, wouldn't you like to be

the pervertible fly on the wall as Elizabeth and Mary talked about angel visits, prophetic words, and the wonder of God? And I imagine Zechariah was bursting at the seams to add his two cents, but God still has his mouth zippered shut. What caught me was that Mary secluded herself in a space where the word of the Lord would not be questioned as it began to grow within her.

Nuggets of Wisdom:

  • I am responsible for guarding the Word of God that He places within us. Sometimes, that means a change in relationships and locations for a season.  

  • I am responsible for surrounding myself with people who will lean into the prophetic word and not speak doubt over the word.

We have just entered a new year—a new year ushers in new seasons and opportunities. God is inviting you to dream with him at a new level. To conceive and give birth to His plans and purposes for 2024.


Heavenly Father, I invite your prophetic word over my life. I ask you to give me ears to hear and a heart to receive all you have. Help me see from a Kingdom perspective the possibility of your promises rather than the impossibilities that come from a worldly viewpoint. I thank you that you are not finished with me. I thank you for everything you have planned for me, and I will align my thoughts and words with yours. In Jesus name. Amen!

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