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Unsettled by God

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

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Over the past months I have wondered what Abram was thinking as he left behind what he knew for where God was calling him (read Genesis 12). One thing we can be sure of is that God will “unsettle us” to move us into new seasons and situations.

As Abram started his journey he wasn’t given a detailed map, instructions or ultimate destination. All he was told was to “go” (forward movement) and to be a blessing. Think about your physical body, it was created to move forward; our eyes are in the front not the sides or back, our feet face forward, our body was made to easily move forward not backwards. The same is true spiritually. We were created to move forward!

The other thing I noticed in this account is that Abram made the journey in stages (Genesis 12:9). I would suggest that when we journey with God in “stages” there is something to be accomplished at each stage that takes us deeper into relationship with him, has the potential to mature/grow us, and releases us into the next stage. How we navigate each stage has a powerful impact on the journey. Let’s be honest, like Abram, we sometimes get sidetracked and lose focus of the promises of God. As Abram started out God had promised to show him the land, make him into a great nation, bless him, make him famous etc. However, there were times when Abram lost sight of the provision, protection and promises of God (see Genesis 12:10-20 for an example).

The result of that loss of focus brought plagues on the Egyptians but also gave Abram an escort OUT of the country! Somehow I don’t think he was a blessing to Pharaoh! I wonder how the story would have changed had Abram kept His focus on the promises of God and was a blessing in Egypt rather than bringing a curse. Abram’s story has been written. And God’s faithfulness through the journey has been recorded. We have a record of Abram’s successes and failures and of God’s faithfulness through it all. Our stories are still being written. God is taking each of us on a journey that is full of hidden treasures that we will never experience unless we walk with him. Remember, to keep your focus on Him. He will take you around the obstacles and into the land HE will show you! And, as you walk with Him you’ll bring more blessing to your sphere of influence than you ever imagined!

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