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Have You Ever Had?

Updated: Jul 13

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Have you ever had God teach you a lesson through a pet? We have a HUGE german shepherd. I mean huge. I swear that she was given steroids as a puppy! I did not know that german shepherds could grow this large. What is frightening is that her father is larger than she is!

When our dog was a puppy she was quite aggressive. We actually had to bring in a professional trainer to lay down the law with her. I still remember him lifting her in the air, looking at her and saying “try to eat me now!”She quickly learned to be obedient and for the most part that has remained. She also learned to walk or run on our left side.

A number of years ago I was out walking with her and some little yippy dogs decided to give her a hard time. Apparently they were to “big for their britches” and had no clue as to “who” they were dealing with. As I am watching them I am thinking “Don’t you know that she could eat you?” Our dog, however, did not even look at them. She just kept walking, same pace, on my left. She had accessed the situation and deemed them to be a non-issue. She was very aware of the situation, yet her focus did not wander.

As I kept walking, God began to show me that if we know our position with Him that we can be focused like that. As we walk through life, we see the little “yippy dogs” coming at us yet we access the situation and recognize when it is a non-issue. We realize that we are “in Christ” – we realize our “position”. We are able to keep our focus on the Lord and not get sidetracked by the yippy little dogs trying to veer us off track.

Are you dealing with “yippy dogs” in your life? Remember who you are! You are a child of the King!

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