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Do I Belong?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023


I’d like to introduce you to Newkirk, or as I call him “Newbie”. A couple weeks ago Newbie showed up at our door. He was literally starving to death. He was skin and bones, his eyes were sunken. He was in very rough shape.

Beyond his condition what caught our attention was that he was determined to adopt us. He came right up to the house with three large dogs outside (Two german shepherds and one great-dane/lab mix). And, when the door was opened he walked right in with the dogs.

We gave him food and water and put him in the garage for a few days. What we discovered was that this stray was very friendly and likely had no idea how to fend for himself. We figure someone probably dumped him. After a few days, we took him to the vet. Much to everyone’s surprise, all tests came back negative so he has now joined the rest of us in the house and is gaining weight.

I bring this up because many of us feel like we have been thrown away, discarded, or dropped off along the road. We try to fend for ourselves, yet we seem to come up short every time. Yet this is actually how many people go through their entire lives. Never realizing that there is someone they can come to who will address their every need.


I watch Newbie putting on weight. He is not afraid to ask for food. He has determined that this home and this family is his, complete with the two dogs that live here and another cat. He is no longer on the outside but is on the inside. He also makes no move to go outside. He has left that old life behind and is moving forward and living.

Have we fully entered the Father’s house?

Do we have confidence that this is our home and that we actually belong?

Are we so immersed in our relationship with Him and feasting on His word that we are gaining weight (spiritually).

No matter what condition we are in when we show up – Jesus stands there with an invitation to come in and make ourselves at home. You belong…I belong.

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