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The Power of Emotions

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

How do you use your emotional currency? Do you use it to build up and strengthen or to tear down and destroy? Many straddle the two realms depending on the moment, primarily when dealing with intense emotions.

Someone once said that every intense emotion is just an opportunity for a conversation with God. Feelings and emotions are beautiful gifts from God. However, with them comes an invitation to step into a deep conversation with Him. As we converse with God, we open our hearts to ensure that our perceptions of those feelings/emotions align with His thoughts. And, of course, if our perceptions do not align with His truth, it is a great time to correct our line of thinking.

Let me introduce you to King Jehoshaphat. We know that he was one of the godliest kings that Judah ever had. He trusted in the Lord (2 Chronicles 17:6 states, "His heart was devoted to the ways of the Lord"). However, that doesn't mean that life did not have challenges. In 2 Chronicles 20, we find Jehoshaphat getting wind that a vast army was coming his direction. Can you see the fear knocking at the door for Jehoshaphat? However, he decided to seek help from the Lord. Furthermore, he invited the entire nation to join him.

As the king weaves through the prayer (vs. 6-12), he declares who God is and what God has done and outlines the problem explicitly. Then, they stood, waited, and God spoke, sharing his plan and perspective (vs. 13-17).

After God spoke, they began to worship; in fact, the Scriptures state that they worshipped in a "very loud voice" (vs. 19). With faith, rather than fear, guiding their steps, they began to move into the battle zone. However, they moved forward with worship leading the way (vs. 21). The Lord set ambushes against the invading army. When Jehoshaphat and his military army and worshippers arrived at the battlefield, they found the enemy defeated.

Next time you find yourself swimming with emotions, use it as an opportunity for a conversation with God, listen, worship, and then take the next step. Emotional currency turned to God changes everything.

You never know. God may slay the enemy or clarify the problem before you make it to the battlefield.

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