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Have a Prophetic Word? The Next Question for God!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Imagine with me that someone very close to you receives a prophetic word which also impacts you and requires your participation. You were not individually given the word. So not only do you have to trust that the person received and heard the word correctly, you also must decide to align with the word over your life. How would you respond? Would you demand the Lord give you the word individually, easily align with the word, question the individual, ask for a sign, or ask God the next question?

Most of you are familiar with the story of Samson (Judges 13-16). However, few take time to study his parents and their response to their God assignment. Manoah's wife was unable to conceive a child; however, she gets a surprise visit from the angel of the LORD, who tells her that her life is about to change, and a child will shortly be on the way. Along with this information, the angel of the LORD gives her specific instructions as to how she is to handle the pregnancy, the child's dedication, and the child's assignment.

Manoah was not present for this encounter, so he heard about it from his wife. At that moment, he must decide if he believes what she has seen and heard. I love Manoah's heart as he asked the Lord to let the man of God come back again and give further instructions. He did not ask for confirmation. He asked for further instructions. Manoah means rest, he was a man who knew how to rest, and he was a man who was being asked to raise a warrior. We know he recognized this messenger was from the Lord because his first response was to pray. However, what is behind the response is the desire for wisdom.

Furthermore, when the angel of the LORD comes back, he again comes to Manoah's wife. Can you imagine Manoah's wife saying to the angel of the LORD, "What here, my husband is the one who prayed for you to return, let me get him"? She runs off to find her husband, and they dash back, hoping that the angel of the LORD is still there.

Manoah's example should challenge every one of us. When God gives the word that involves us, are we asking for wisdom? Are we that serious about partnering with God so that the word will come to pass? Even if our job is to make way for the word to be fulfilled in another's life?

Heavenly Father, help me have the sensitivity to your word, your will, and your ways that Manoah had. Teach me to ask the next question so that I can partner with what you are doing. Please help me see the bigger picture so I perceive it from a kingdom perspective rather than an earthly perspective. Give me the wisdom and courage to prepare the future generation for their God-given assignment. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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